Tuesday, December 29, 2009

WYNTER THYME YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it is winter time and I have had enough right now....... This is insanity for December, and we have January and February to go through. Christmas was great and the girls had a great time. My husband and I had an agreement and he did not follow it!! NO GIFTS for each other but he did not follow it. So i finally got my paraffin wax spa thingy. I am spoiled. My girls got a Wii and I am having a blast with that. I have found muscles that I did not know that I had. or I am old not for sure yet. The girls are having a blast and that is what is important for now.

Well, my website is getting ALOT of hits this past 60 days and that is great. We had a busy October and November at craft shows and got our name out there. So that was good. We had some new things and got rid of the old ones. We went through some growing pains and continue to reinvent our selves. (When I say we, I mean my husband and my kids.) They have been a great help and my mom and sister have been a great help with getting set up and helping me with the shows and the customers. Some shows were very busy and I could not keep my head on straight. I enjoyed the holidays and next year I have some goals to strive for and will try my hand at something new.

god bless and eat all the chocolate you can.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Staying home for the weekend!!!!

We spent the day togetther exploring the State Capitol and the State Historical building. Marguerite and I went up the many many stairs to the dome. You need to spend the day at the Capitol and take the tours. It brought back many memories of being a junior high kid and viisting on a field trip to Des Moines. What a great way to spend our tax dollars. Take time and show your kids what Iowa has to offer. The historical building was great and the many exhibits to show you the history of this great state that we come from. Our kids love it and best of all it was ALL FREE!!!
Talk to you all soon.
God bless and eat all the chocolate you can.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some photos of our summer time. Where has the time gone!!!............. I am busy with crafts and trying to keep on track. Fall will be here before you know it !!!!!!!!!!!!

take care and happy crafting and eat all the chocolate you can.



Saturday, June 20, 2009

Well, here we are in Wisconsin and we had a rough time but overall, we had a good time. Out youngest daughter Abbi was ill for the first half of the trip. A vacation would not be complete without a visit to the emergency room. So we took Abbi to get some fluids and get some medicine to stop the yaks. This picture is taken in front of the MooseJaw Pizza Place. My dad is a nut and insisted on this photo.

Lets talk crafting, I have stumbled upon an idea and I am in full mode right now and the creative juices are flowing. Happy summer and happy crafting

Go in peace and eat all the chocolate you can.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Well, it is getting more like spring every day. We are waiting to get to the yard work however. Yesterday was Easter and we had a great family weekend My dad (aka) "Papa" is looking over the yard to make sure that all the eggs were picked up so his mower doesn't find them.

Marguerite and Abbigale certainly cashed in with candy and my diet is feeling the effects. But, we are getting back on track today.

I am getting my ideas done for upcoming craft season and I finally feel organized. (For now anyway). I read up on how to drill glass lids for one of my products and was really really nervous, wondering how many lids I would break. Then my brilliant husband said that we needed a drill press to properly do it. Well my cousin Jim came to the rescue and brought over his very large drill press. I squirted the water and my husband drilled and boy was it very slick and we never broke one lid. I am ready to order more lids and continue the work in the salt mines.

I need to go for now my girls are killing each other. More later.

go in peace and eat all the chocolate you can

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It is Spring time in Iowa

What a great time of the year in Iowa. It was 68 degrees today. Holy cow!!!! In Iowa that is next to the surface of the sun hot for us. I got to clean out our garage and evaluate what I have to work with for this up coming crafting season. And let's just say it is very "skimpy" in the inventory department. I also have alot of ideas marked, written, and sketched out on every piece of paper I can find. So, look for some great things coming out of the Blue Door crew.

Enjoy the Spring time and this is the season of change and the time for new beginnings. I will try to find photos of our deck and back yard for you to see. It keeps me very very busy all summer long and I must say that between my girls, my husband, my gardening, and my crafts it will be yet another busy summer. Take care and happy crafting.

go in peace and eat all the chocolate you can.