Sunday, March 22, 2009

It is Spring time in Iowa

What a great time of the year in Iowa. It was 68 degrees today. Holy cow!!!! In Iowa that is next to the surface of the sun hot for us. I got to clean out our garage and evaluate what I have to work with for this up coming crafting season. And let's just say it is very "skimpy" in the inventory department. I also have alot of ideas marked, written, and sketched out on every piece of paper I can find. So, look for some great things coming out of the Blue Door crew.

Enjoy the Spring time and this is the season of change and the time for new beginnings. I will try to find photos of our deck and back yard for you to see. It keeps me very very busy all summer long and I must say that between my girls, my husband, my gardening, and my crafts it will be yet another busy summer. Take care and happy crafting.

go in peace and eat all the chocolate you can.


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