Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Well, it is getting more like spring every day. We are waiting to get to the yard work however. Yesterday was Easter and we had a great family weekend My dad (aka) "Papa" is looking over the yard to make sure that all the eggs were picked up so his mower doesn't find them.

Marguerite and Abbigale certainly cashed in with candy and my diet is feeling the effects. But, we are getting back on track today.

I am getting my ideas done for upcoming craft season and I finally feel organized. (For now anyway). I read up on how to drill glass lids for one of my products and was really really nervous, wondering how many lids I would break. Then my brilliant husband said that we needed a drill press to properly do it. Well my cousin Jim came to the rescue and brought over his very large drill press. I squirted the water and my husband drilled and boy was it very slick and we never broke one lid. I am ready to order more lids and continue the work in the salt mines.

I need to go for now my girls are killing each other. More later.

go in peace and eat all the chocolate you can

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