Tuesday, December 29, 2009

WYNTER THYME YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it is winter time and I have had enough right now....... This is insanity for December, and we have January and February to go through. Christmas was great and the girls had a great time. My husband and I had an agreement and he did not follow it!! NO GIFTS for each other but he did not follow it. So i finally got my paraffin wax spa thingy. I am spoiled. My girls got a Wii and I am having a blast with that. I have found muscles that I did not know that I had. or I am old not for sure yet. The girls are having a blast and that is what is important for now.

Well, my website is getting ALOT of hits this past 60 days and that is great. We had a busy October and November at craft shows and got our name out there. So that was good. We had some new things and got rid of the old ones. We went through some growing pains and continue to reinvent our selves. (When I say we, I mean my husband and my kids.) They have been a great help and my mom and sister have been a great help with getting set up and helping me with the shows and the customers. Some shows were very busy and I could not keep my head on straight. I enjoyed the holidays and next year I have some goals to strive for and will try my hand at something new.

god bless and eat all the chocolate you can.