Monday, February 8, 2010

Here is Marguerite enjoying the winter!!!

New Work Area !!!!!!!!!

I finally got my new work are finished in our basement. I feel like a real crafter now. No more set up tables and finding a place to park my goods while in production. I want to thank my very handy husband he is the brains and the mastermind of the entrie thing. He did all the work and I helped to tell him what he was doing wrong (of course)and handed him a nail or too and he did everything and is the best..... Thank you husband I love you.

I spend time on the computer and did my bulk ordering for my candles and scrubs. So i will be gearing up for sales in the early fall. I am also going to be trying new ideas and adding some finally touches to my items.

Make sure to visit my website to see any new items. I am also getting into the photograph mode and expect them soon on my blog and website.

More snow in Iowa and here we go again. It is pretty however. Take care and god bless and eat all the chocolate you can.