Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We had our neighbor take our photo last night. I needed something up to date for my class reunion update. Our president wanted an update as to what we have been doing over the past 25 years. So, I thought this should be easy. Yeah right!!! I sat down and went to the computer and I swear I could not think of anything that I have done as a person to make my life note worthy. So, I guess I need to start making my life more meaningful to me and the people around me.

Yes, I have 2 beautiful children and a wonderful husband. I have a great house and I am a loving aunt and sister. My health is good, I am loved but is that the real meaning of why I was put here and where and what have I done with my life as a whole to better myself.

So, that is where I am at. I have recently lost 70 lbs and I feel great and I am looking forward to loosing even more. I try to be a good daughter and a good wife and sometimes I fail at that and I try to learn and go forward. I am open and willing to be upfront because I expect that from people around me. So here I am and maybe it is that simple- I am- could it be that simple.

So, I AM- what a statement and all the wonderful and sad things that comes with. So, I wrote my wonderful life down and sent this photo to my class president and I Am Blessed.


Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I took the spring off for awhile. I had a surgery and now I am back to full tilt for the most part. I want to thank my family and everyone who wished me well.

I created a project for my self while I was off. Heaven forbid I sat still while I was off. I think in my mind that helps me heal if I can keep busy. Dumb I know.

I went thru all my photo albums and purchased some baskets and took apart all my albums and separated them into the baskets. I then scanned the photos and placed them in "computer" folders. I created a memory for my girls and for my family. But my most important memory is the movie that I created for my parents. I am so busy and I do not want to be running and trying to get these memories together at the last minute. So, I spent my time getting photos together.

Around the house we are busy with tball and softball. TOO MUCH CRAZINESS. My girls are rock stars and they are great ball players.

This weekend was the Principal Charity Classic and this has been a tradition that my dad and myself attend every year. This year we took Marguerite with us and she had a great time.

I am working on crafts for this fall and winter. I had some time to reflect during my recoup time and I am going to make my life much simpler if i do craft shows this fall. To much dragging around of junk (set up stuff). ARGGGGGGGHHHHH. So we will see with what I come up with.

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