Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Well this is what I have been slaving away at over the past weekends. What a chore. I love to paint these but they do take alot of work. My family life has been on the back burner and will continue to be until I can get my craft show bearings, if you will. I painted 9 suitcases and I am getting my tiles ready as well that takes alot of kitchen table time.

So for the remainder of the fall season our kitchen table is a make shift work table then I clean it off and make a meal and back to the table again. My wonderful husband is helping me with some drilling of plates and piping. Drilling through glass has been a trial and error process. Over all we are getting the hang of it and it seems to be going smoothly now.

Candles and tarts are ready and poured, the scrubs are made and labeled. So, just to finish some other projects for right now and then I can maybe relax a bit before my 2 BIG shows this fall.

Over the weekend we went to Chuck's Bargin Barn and then to Molly's. Molly is living my life. I just love her stuff. She is truely talented. Her and her husband have converted a 100 year old barn to this wonderful PRIM place and I could loose myself in there for days. The smells of fall and shopping, along with the fall textures and colors made me wish I could quit my fulltime job and start my own craft store just from Labor day until Christmas. But we all know how that goes.

Better get back to the grind and happy crafting and enjoy the fall!!



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